December 2, 2014

10th Class English Grammar and Vocabulary Important Questions from New Syllabus

I. Complete the passage choosing the right word from those given below
it. Each blank is numbered and has four choices (A), (B), (C) and (D).
Choose the correct answer from these choices and write (A), (B), (C)
or (D) in the blank.

A young man asked Socrates ...(1)... secret to success. Socrates told
the young man to meet him near the river next morning. They met.
Socrates asked the young man to walk with him towards the river. When
the water got up to their neck, Socrates took the young man ...(2)...
surprise and ducked him into the water. The boy struggled to get out
but Socrates was strong and kept him there until the boy started
...(3)... blue. Socrates pulled his head out of the water and the
first thing the young man did was to gasp and take a deep breath of
air. Socrates asked, "What ...(4)... you want the most when you were
there?". The boy replied, "Air". Socrates said, "That is the secret to
success. When you want success as ...(5)... as you wanted the air,
then you will get it". There is no other secret ....

1. A) a B) an C) the D) some
2. A) with B) on C) by D) in
3. A) turn B) turning C) turns D) turned
4. A) did B) do C) does D) have
5. A) more badly B) bad C) badly D) most badly

Answers: 1-C; 2-C; 3-B; 4-A; 5-C.

II. Tick the most appropriate One-word substitutes for the following.
1. A person or thing that cannot be corrected
A) unintelligible B) indelible C) illegible D) incorrigible

2. A person of good understanding, knowledge and reasoning power
A) expert B) intellectual C) snob D) literate

3. A person who knows many languages
A) linguist B) grammarian C) polyglot D) bilingual

4. One who possesses many talents
A) prodigy B) versatile C) exceptional D) gifted

Answers: 1-D; 2-B; 3-A; 4-B.

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