December 2, 2014

SSC English Important Questions for AP and Telangana Students - New Syllabus

The elements of grammar and vocabulary are to be contextually embedded
in appropriate discourses. So dialoguing is the only way which will
equip the learners with language. The students have to go beyond the
text book by exploring other materials such as newspapers, journals,
story books, etc., to widen their world of English. The questions and
activities given under comprehension demand the learners to use
language authentically. The questions are primarily application based

Short Answer Questions

Q: How does 'the chicken drum stick' help Nick Vujicic?
A: 'The chicken drum stick' is nothing but the small foot on Nick's
left hip. It helps him balance and enables him to kick. He uses his
small foot to type, write and pick things up between his toes. Nick
feels that he would do nothing if he doesn't have the small foot.

Q: How did Nick's parents help him to become independent?
A: Nick's father put him in the water when he was 18 months and
encouraged him to swim. He taught Nick how to type with his toe when
he was just 6 years of age. His mother invented a special plastic
device with which he could hold a pen and pencil.

Q: Which incident in the text is funny? What makes it funny?
A: Once, when Nick was in a car, a girl at the traffic lights was
giving him the eye. She could only see his head. So Nick decided to do
a 360 in the car seat to freak her out. Her face was like wooooah. She
sped off as quickly as she could.

Q: What do you learn from the life of Nick Vujicic?
A: From the life of Vujicic we learn that physical handicap does not
stop one's success and good will power makes miracles. What needs is
dedication and determination.

Q: Why do you think Nick was awarded the Australian Young Citizen of
the Year award?
A: Nick was awarded the Australian Young Citizen of the Year award for
his bravery and preserverance. He faced the challenges bravely and
reached such a great height in his life.

Q: 'The teenager was disappointed'. Who was 'the teenager'? Why was he
A: 'The teenager' was Narayana Murthy. He was disappointed because his
father did not agree to allow him to study at the IIT though he had
passed with a high rank.

Q: 'They were excited and talking loudly'. Who were excited? Why were
they excited?
A: The persons who were excited were Murthy's friends, They were all
excited about their new life, new hostels and new courses, etc. at the

Q: What did Socrates suggest as the secret to success? Do you agree or
disagree with him? Give reasons for your answer.
A: Socrates suggested that the burning desire is the only secret to
success. I agree with it. Unless we have a strong passion for
something, we cannot achieve it. The burning desire is the starting
point of all accomplishments.

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