December 8, 2014

Senior Inter Botany Important Questions - Very Short Answer Type

Q: What are molecular scissors? Where are they obtained from?
A: Restriction enzymes are called molecular scissors. They are
obtained from bacteria.

Q: What is EcoRI? How does it function?
A: EcoRI is a kind of restriction enzyme obtained from Escherichia
coli bacteria. It cuts the DNA at specific sites between G (Guanine)
and A (Adenine).

Q: What are cloning vectors? Give an example.
A: Vectors used for multiplying foreign DNA sequences are called
cloning vectors.
Ex: Plasmids, Bacteriophages, cosmids, Artificial chromosomes (any one)

Q: What is recombinant DNA?
A: The DNA formed due to ligation of source DNA to a vector DNA is
called recombinant DNA or Chimaeric DNA.

Q: What is full form of PCR? How is it useful in biotechnology?
A: PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is used for amplification of
genes and DNA fingerprinting.

Q: How does one visualize DNA on an agar gel?
A: We can visualize DNA on agar gel by staining it with Ethidium
bromide and exposing to UV light.

Q: How can you differentiate between exonucleases and endonucleases?
A: Exonucleases remove nucleotides from the ends of the DNA whereas
endonucleases make cuts at specific positions within the DNA.

Q: Give different types of cry genes and pests which are controlled by
the proteins encoded by these genes.
A: Cry IAc and Cry II Ab - control cotton boll worm. Cry IIAb -
controls corn borer.

Q: What is GEAC and what are its objectives?
A: GEAC - Genetic Engineering Approval Committee.
Objectives: It makes decisions regarding
The validity of GM research.
Safety of introducing GM organisms for public services.

Q: Name the nematode that infects the roots of tobacco plants. Name
the strategy adopted to prevent this infestation.
A: Meloidegyne incognitia. RNA interference.

Q: Give one example for each of transgenic plants which are suitable
for food processing and those with improved nutritional quality.
A: Food processing - Flavr Savr tomato
Improved nutritional quality - Golden Rice
(Taipei Rice) enriched with vitamin A.

Q: What is green revolution? Who is regarded as Father of green revolution?
A: A dramatic increase in agricultural production due to use of
improved varieties, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, improved
irrigational facilities, better agricultural management strategies and
land reforms is called green revolution.
Norman Borlaug is considered as the 'Father of Green Revolution'.

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