December 10, 2014

Senior Inter Zoology Important 2 Marks Questions for AP and Telangana Students

Q: Describe the role of Chymotrypsin. Name two other digestive enzymes
of same category and secreted by the same gland.
A: a. Chymotrypsin digests proteins, proteoses and peptones into polypeptides.
b. Trypsin, Carboxypeptidase.

Q: What is chyme?
A: Food that entered the stomach is thoroughly mixed with gastric
juice by churning movements and thus it becomes a dense acidic fluid
called chyme.

Q: What is meant by chloride shift?
A: Due to permeability of plasma membrane of RBC to anions, HCO3 −
ions (formed due to dissociation of H2CO3) diffuse into the blood
plasma from RBC at the tissues. To maintain electrical balance, Cl −
ions diffuse into the RBC. This exchange of Cl − and HCO3 − ions
between RBC and plasma is known as chloride shift.

Q: Name the valves that guard the left and right atrioventricular
apertures in the heart of man.
A: a. Left atrioventricular aperture: Bicuspid valve
b. Right atrioventricular aperture. Tricuspid valve

Q: Sino atrial node is called the pacemaker of heart. Why?
A: Sinoatrial node is formed by modified cardiomyocytes. SA node has
ability to generate action potentials without any external stimuli.
Hence, it is called pacemaker.

Q: What are columns of Bertin?
A: Among the renal pyramids of Kidney, the cortex projects into
medulla as columns of Bertin.

Q: Distinguish between the enzymes renin and rennin.
A: a. Renin catalyses the conversion of angiotensinogen into
angiotensin I, which is concerned with excretory process.
b. Rennin is a digestive enzyme that converts the milk protein
caseinogen into paracasein in presence of Ca++ ions.

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