December 10, 2014

SSC English Grammar New Syllabus - Tenses with Examples

Future Tense: We use this tense to talk about an action that has still
to take place.
1. I shall return your book in a week.
2. We will go on a picnic next weekend.
3. He will help you if you ask politely.

Future Continuous: This tense is used for an action as going on at
sometime in the future.
1. It will be raining for days!
2. A fresh stock of crackers will be arriving next week.
3. Our relatives will be staying here till Friday.

Future Perfect Tense: This tense is used to indicate the completion of
an action by certain future time.
1. I shall have finished writing this book by next month.
2. She will have left the place before you go to see her.
3. He will have completed his studies by next year.

Future Perfect Continuous: It is used to express an action that will
have been going on at sometime in the future.
1. By 2016, we shall have been living here for ten years.
2. By next month, he will have been working here for 15 years.
3. When he gets his degree, he will have been studying at Cambridge
for four years.

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