December 11, 2014

SSC Public Exams - Social Studies Imp Questions - 2 and 1 Mark Questions

Q: What are your suggestions for the betterment of the employment in rural areas? (2 marks)
A: We solve the problem of unemployment by promoting industries and services in rural and semi rural areas. Setting up of flour mills, opening of cold storage points, honey collection centers near forest areas, milk collection centers, setting up of industries for processing of vegetable and agricultural produce like chilies, red gram, fruits etc are some of the suggestions to be taken up.

Q: What are three sectors of economy? (2 marks)
A: Primary, secondary and tertiary are the three sectors of economy. The primary sector is agriculture, secondary sector is industries and the tertiary is service sector.

Q: What do the small farmers need? (2 marks)
A: The small farmers need pump sets to draw water. They need sufficient power supply to run the pump sets. They also need seeds, fertilizer, and agricultural implements. Credit from the banks.

Q: What do you mean by disguised unemployment? (2 marks)
A: Sometimes people are apparently working but all of them are made to work less than their potential. This kind of underemployment is hidden in contrast to someone who does not have a job and is clearly visible as unemployed; it is called disguised unemployment. Though some employees are shifted to another field this doesn't affect the production.

Q: What are the intermediary goods and final goods? (1 Mark)
A: Intermediary goods are used in making the final goods such as pulp in making paper. Final goods are the goods which are ready to consume or use.

Q: What do you mean by a financial year? (1 Mark)
A: The period from the first April to thirty first March is called a financial year.

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