December 11, 2014

SSC Social Studies Imp Questions for 4 Marks - New Syllabus

Q: Average income is an important criterion for development. Explain in your own words.
A: The World Bank normally classifies countries with the criterion of per capita income. On the basis of the per capita income of the countries, it is decided whether they are high income countries or low income countries. While averages are useful for comparison they also hide some disparities among the countries. Along with income other criterion like equity and access are also to be considered.

Average income is useful for the comparison but it does not tell us how this income is distributed among the people. If the average income of a country is rapidly increased, it doesn't mean that all the people of that country are developed because it is not equally distributed among them. The fruits of the development should be shared by all. Then only we consider that the country is a developed one.

Q: What is your idea to make India a developed country?
A: India is becoming a developed country. It has been facing some social and economical problems and challenges. Population is rapidly increasing but the food grains production is not sufficiently increasing. India is an agriculture based country and it is not being given importance. More corruption is prevalent and it is to be controlled. Health and Educational opportunities are to be provided to the poor. Poverty eradication programmes are to be strengthened.

Concentration on transportation; communication and water management are necessary. Development should consider quality and equity. Human Resources are to be utilized properly.

Q: What are the factors that come together for the development of schooling in Himachal Pradesh?

A: In Himachal Pradesh the development of schooling is well. The government started schools and made sure that education was largely free. It costs very little for parents. Sufficient teachers are appointed and facilities like classrooms, toilets, drinking water are provided.

Gradually these facilities are improved and expanded. Number of schools and teachers are increased. Himachal Pradesh spends more money on each student for the betterment of the children education. Girls education is given importance. Gender bias is very less. The women are themselves employed outside the home. Most of the women are economically independent. The attendance rate is high.

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