January 29, 2015

10th Class Biology - Excretion Imp Questions for AP and Telangana

Q: What does the word excretion mean? What is done in this process?
A: Excretion (In latin ex means out, crenere means shift) is a
biological process involved in separation and removal of wastes from

Q: What is kidney transplantation?
A: The best long term solution for kidney failure (Acute renal
failure) is kidney transplantation. A functioning kidney is used in
transplantation from a donor preferably a close relative. The kidney
that you receive must be a good match to your body, to minimize the
chances of rejection of transplanted kidney by the immune system of
the host. Modern clinical procedures have increased the success rate
of such complicated technique.

Q: Karuna's uncle was admitted in hospital with a kidney problem. When
Karuna went to see him, she saw that her uncle was undergoing a
process that was filtering wastes in his kidney. If you were Karuna,
what questions would you ask the doctor about this process?

A: If I were Karuna, I would ask the doctor the following questions:
What is the process called as?
How is it performed?
Can all the wastes be removed by this process?
What is the name of the anticoagulant used here?
How much time does it take to finish this process?
Is there any long term solution for kidney failure patients?

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