January 29, 2015

10th Class Biology Imp Questions - Excretion Chapter

Q: Shabbir observed a goat's excretory system. What happened in your
classroom lab activity while observing a goat's or sheep's kidney?
Write down your observations and inference.

A: Our teacher has demonstrated a goat's kidney. We observed the
excretory system and the internal parts of the kidney. We noted the
observations in our lab records.
Aim: Studying the external and internal features of a kidney
Materials required: Freshly collected specimen of sheep / goat's
kidney from the butcher or 3D model of a kidney, sharp blade/ scalpel,
Tray and a jug of water.

Procedure for observation: Before coming to the class, we washed the
kidney thoroughly so that, blood is completely drained from it. We
kept the kidney in the tray and observed it carefully. Noted our
observations in our observation book. With the help of sharp blade, we
took the longitudinal section of kidney and observed internal
structure, in the guidance of our teacher.

Observations: The shape of the kidney is bean shape.
Colour of the kidney is reddish brown.
Each kidney is convex on the outer side and concave on the inner side.
Adrenal glands are attached to the kidneys on the upper portion.
Two tubes come out of kidneys.
Inference: Kidneys remove garbage from our body.
They also balance the amount of vitamins, minerals, fat and protein in
the blood.

Q: Draw the diagram of internal structure of kidney and label the parts.
(i) If you happen to go through the process of urine formation and
know the details about this process, how would you write the
significance of each process in brief?

Mechanisms of urine formation:

Formation of urine involves four stages..
i. Glomerular filtration
ii. Tubular reabsorption
iii. Tubular secretion
iv. Concentration of urine

i) Glomerular filtration: Blood flows from renal artery to glomerulus
through afferent arteriole.
ii) Tubular Re-absorption: Useful substances in primary urine are
reabsorbed into peritubular network.
iii) Tubular secretion: It is the active secretion of waste products
by blood capillaries into the urinary tubule.

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