January 2, 2015

10th Class English Grammar - Personal Letters Format for Public Exams

Now let's see how to write personal / private letters. As we have
already discussed, in personal letters we feel free to express our
feelings. We should write the letter as if we are talking in person
and the person is sitting in front of us!

Here are the hints and the information based on which the letter has
to be written.

Suppose you are going on an excursion (field trip) to Ramoji Film City
from your school with your friends. You need Rs.4000/- for the trip.
Write a letter to your father asking him to send the amount.

Room No. 16
Apurva School
Priyadarsi Nagar
31 Dec. 2014

Dear Father → Salutation

I am fine here and I hope you are all safe. I am getting on well with
my studies. I got good marks as I had expected in the Quarterly

We, the students of Class X have planned to visit Ramoji Film City as
part of our field trip next week. All of my friends are going and I
wish to join them in the trip since this is the final year of my

I need Rs.4,000/- to pay the charges for the trip and my pocket money.
I shall be glad if you can permit me to go for the excursion and
arrange the said amount.

I can draw it through my ATM. Convey my regards to all at home and
respect to mother.

Subscription → Yours lovingly
Signature → Sd/- (Abhinav)
Address on the envelope
(to be written in full).

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