January 2, 2015

Tenth Class English - Formal Letter Writing Tips and Model Letter

Formal letters are important section in letter writing for 10th Class
/ SSC / Tenth students of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The new
syllabus for 10th Class English has a question on letter writing. Here
is a model formal letter for SSC students.

X Class
ZP Secondary School
Pochera - 504304
30th Dec. 2014 (1)

The District Educational Officer
Old Bus Stand Road
Adilabad- 504001 (2)

Sir ---------- (3)
I would like to bring to your notice how badly the Inspire Programme
was conducted at the Convent School recently.

I feel compelled to complain about the poor arrangements made for the
event. The rooms in which the programme was held were neither spacious
nor well furnished for the participants and visitors to move or freely

Consequently, many of the participants had to stand the whole day
exhibiting and explaining the items. As illuck would have it, the
exhibition started too late. I must also explain about the lack of
facilities such as refreshment, drinking water and toilet at the venue
provided for us. No one was bothered about the accommodation of the
participants nor was there anybody to listen to our grievances.

May I hope you would be pleased to provide better facilities at the
venue and take care of the participants in future?

Thank you.
(5) --------- Yours truly
(6) --------- (Sd)
Address on the envelope ------- (7)
(Same as in the inside address)

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  1. Is the traditional method of writing letters followed in tenth english exams?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for visiting.
      Yes, you need to follow conventional method of letter writing for the public exams.