January 27, 2015

10th Class English Grammar - Phrasal Verbs Exercises for AP and TS Students

'A Phrasal Verb usually consists of a verb and a preposition or an
adverb, which are used together in a particular meaning'
- Orient Longman's Active Study Dictionary.

Phrasal Verbs - Examples:

i) My neighbour took to smoking.
ii) Abhishekh Bachan takes after his father Amitabh.

1. Please take down my phone number lest you may forget.
2. Sorry, I took your mother for your sister.
3. The plane to Dubai will take off in any moment.
4. The new collector has just taken over the charge of our district.

Some more examples:

1. She put on new clothes on her birthday. (wore)
2. Don't tell the bad news to him, he will break down. (come to grief)
3. The soldiers carried out the Captain's orders. (obeyed)
4. The Arab put up a tent at the Oasis. (raised, built)
5. Our car broke down in the middle of the journey. (failed)
6. Put on the lights since it is getting dark. (switch on)
7. She put out the lights before going to bed. (switched off)
8. The doctor asked his patient to give up smoking. (stop)

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