January 27, 2015

10th Class Grammar - Phrasal Verbs Model Questions

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs:
1. We should ....... bad habits if we have any.
2. When you are ill, you will ....... taste.
3. Write neatly otherwise I cannot ....... your script.
4. You will ......... a number of magazines at the library.
5. My father went to school to ...... my principal.
6. Visalandhra Publishers ...... good books in Telugu.
7. "Will you please ..... my children till I return?"
8. The old man is serious. Please .... the doctor.
9. Don't disturb father; he is .......... his files.
10. Don't ...... today's work to tomorrow.


1. give up 2. go off 3. make out 4. come across 5. call on 6. bring
out 7. look after 8. call for 9. looking into 10. put off

Some More Phrase Prepositions:

along with = together with
on account of = because of
apart from = separate from
in case of = in the event of
by way of = via
due to = on account of
ahead of = earlier than somebody
in lieu of = in place of
in addition to = added to
in accordance with = in agreement with

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