January 30, 2015

10th Class English - Rendezvous with Ray - Objectives and Meanings

Rendezvous with Ray - Learning Objectives:
By the end of the section you will be able to
1) Know the theme of 'Rendezvous with Ray'
2) Know what was Ray searching for
3) Know the prepositions following adjectives and verbs.
4) Write discourses essay and profile.
5) Know the word formation through roots.
6) Know the structure of Simple Past and Past Perfect Tense.


Rendezvous: An arrangement to meet somebody at particular time and place.
Intimidating(adj.) = Frightening in a way which makes a person feel
less confident.
Stride (V) = Walked with long steps in a particular direction
Colossus (N) = A person or a thing that is extremely important or large in size.
Didactic (adj.) = Designed to teach people, especially a moral lesson.
Verbose(adj.) = Using or containing more words than are needed.
Subtle = Not very noticeable.

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