January 30, 2015

10th Class English Grammar - One Word Substitutes

Following are some grammar questions on One - Word substitutes for SSC
/ 10th Class students of AP and Telangana.

1. A short stay between two places in one's journey - path-breaking.
2. A person who brings out new books - publisher
3. A group of three films that has the some characters or subjects - Trilogy
4. An impressive entrance to a building - portal
5. A person who tries to make something less good by critisising it - detractor
6. A person who is extremely important or large in size - colossus
7. A person who is responsible for a problem or a crime - culprit
8. A hand written document - Manuscript
9. Astatement that expresses something people believe is true and is
to be followed Philosophy.
10. Using more words than needed - Verbose
11. Something designed to teach people some moral - Didactic
12. A person who is not sure about the existence of god - Agnostic
13. A branch of philosophy that studies the principles of beauty in
art - Aesthetic
14. A result of a situation or of an action - Token
15. A film that gives facts about something - Documentary.

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