January 27, 2015

10th Class Grammar - Question Tags Model Questions for Public Exams

Question Tags are mini questions that we often put on the end of a
sentence in spoken English.

1. Kartheek is a naughty child, isn't it/ he?
2. Abhinav went to school, didn't he?
3. Your friends have met you, haven't they?
4. I'm your friend, aren't I?
5. You didn't get marks, did you?
6. Your mother loves you, doesn't she?
7. Padmasree won't sing well, will she?
8. Your friend can swim well, can't (s)he?
9. Your pet dog will recognize me, won't it?

Positive Sentence + Negative Tag:

1. Poshetty should pass the exam, shouldn't he?
2. There was a lot of traffic, wasn't there?
3. Harshini will be here soon, won't she?

Negative Sentence + Positive Question Tag:
1. Shashank won't be late, will he?
2. Swamy and Ramu don't smoke, do they?
3. Sneha has not got a smart phone, has she?

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