January 5, 2015

10th Class Social Important Questions - 2 Marks - Climate of India

Q: Compare the climate of Delhi and Chennai. How are they different?
A: The Annual range of temperature in Chennai is very low. Irrelevant to this, the Annual range of temperature in Delhi is very high. As Chennai is located in the coastal area of Bay of Bengal, the influence of the ocean is high on it, and so the Annual range of temperature is low. As Delhi is located in the interior part of the country and the influence of the ocean on it is nil, the Annual range of temperature is high. Due to South-West monsoons, Delhi receives rainfall in the months of July, August and September and Chennai receives rainfall in the months of October, November and December due to North-East trade winds.

Q: How do you say that the deforestation affects global warming?
A: Deforestation means cutting down the trees. If we cut the trees the carbon in the atmosphere is increased. If trees are there they absorb Carbon and store in them. In that way they are removing the Carbon from the atmosphere. This helps to slow down global warming. Hence it is necessary to plant and grow more plants to avoid global warming.

Q: What measures you suggest to reduce the influence of global warming?
A: Burning of fuel like petrol, diesel and other gases are to be avoided. Hydro electric power stations should be established. Afforestation is to be given more important. Using of bio chemical in agriculture is to be encouraged. Factory effluents and chemical releasing are to be recycled.

Q: What are the Western Disturbances? (1 Mark)
A: Cyclone depressions coming from Mediterranean Sea are called Western Disturbances. These cause low to moderate rainfall over North India.

Q: Why does Darjeeling have pleasant weather when compared to Kolkata during summer season? (1 Mark)
A: Kolkata not only records maximum temperature during summer but also has high humidity. On the other hand, Darjeeling is a hill station. Therefore Darjeeling records low temperature and so it has pleasant weather during summer.

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