January 5, 2015

10th Social Studies Important Questions - Climate of India

Q: Describe India's climate controls.
A: India's climate controls depends upon the following.
i. Latitude:
India is located between 8°4' and 37° 6' N latitudes and the country is divided into almost equal parts by the Tropic of Cancer. The part north to the Tropic of Cancer lies in the Temperate zone. The part south to the Tropic of Cancer lies in the tropical zone.
The southern part of India lies in the tropical belt. It is very closer the equator. Therefore, southern India receives more temperature than that of northern India.

ii. Land - Water relationship: South India is mainly surrounded by water on the three sides. The coastal region records moderate temperatures. The location of Indian Ocean is the reason for the formation of monsoons.

iii. Relief: The climate of India is controlled by the Northern Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Eastern Ghats and the Indo-Gangetic plains. These relief features are responsible for the formation of snow in the Himalayas, for the formation of hill stations and rain shadow regions in the Deccan Plateau.
The low pressure formed in the Indo- Gangetic Plain attracts the monsoons.

iv. Upper air circulation: The climate of India is also affected by the movement of upper air currents which are known as "Jet Streams". These air currents flow very fast in a narrow belt in the upper atmosphere above 12,000 m. An easterly jet stream develops at about 25° N. A jet stream causes the neighbouring atmosphere to cool.

This cooling effect of the easterly jet stream causes rain from clouds already found over this latitude.

Q: How are the human activities contributing to global warming?

A: Carbon dioxide produced by human activities is a major cause for global warming.
This is generated in abundant because of fossil fuel burning and deforestation.
Global warming is caused by some other gases that are commonly present in very small concentration like Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Ozone and other gases.
These gases are released by burning of Bio mass.
The human beings collect the garbage and fill the low lands and paddy fields.
They are using refrigerators and air conditioners which cause for more radiation.
Using more fertilizers in agriculture also causes for the Global warming.

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