January 2, 2015

10th English Letter Writing Tips for AP and Telangana Students

It goes without saying that letter writing is an art. A letter clearly
reflects the personality of an individual. So a letter should be
clear, informative and well organized.

Letter writing, under guided composition or creative writing carries
10 marks. Keeping in view of the bulky weightage of marks, we should
be careful about practising this item with keen observation.

Broadly speaking, letters may be classified into two groups:
i) Formal Letters, and
ii) Personal Letters

Official and Business ie, letters to Editors of Newspapers, etc. come
under formal letters. They are written with a practical purpose and
should be courteous.

Personal letters are those which we write to our friends and
relatives. They are written in a conventional style. We feel that the
person to whom we are writing is sitting in front of us.

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