January 2, 2015

SSC English Letter Writing Format and Tips for Telangana and Andhra Students

1. Heading: It consists of (i) writer's address, and (ii) the date at
the right hand corner of the letter - the address above and the date
just below it.
eg: 10 Highway Road
Bhagatsingh Chowk
Boath- 504304
31 December 2014
Note that in the modern method, no punctuation marks (Commas and
full-stops) are used.

2. Inside Address: In formal letters, the full title and address of
the person to whom you are writing should be written on the left hand
side of the sheet just above the station. However, in a personal
letter, the inside address is never used if you write to a friend very

3. Greeting or Salutation: Put the salutation on the left hand side of
the sheet at a lower level than the heading. The form of the courteous
greeting depends on your relationship with the receiver.
Eg: When you are writing to the members of your family or friends,
Use: Dear father / mother / uncle / friend, etc.

When you are writing to persons in official or business positions,
Use: Dear Mr. Rao / Dear Mrs. Murthy, etc.

When you are writing to companies, business houses, etc,
Use: Dear Sir(s) / Gentlemen, etc.,

When you are writing to officials,
Use: Sir / Dear Sir / Madam, etc

4. Body: This is, ofcourse, the letter itself! It consists of an
introduction, message with details and concluding remarks. Begin the
body a little below the salutation.

5. Subscription: It is the complimentary closean expression
corresponding in formality with the salutation, written to the
rightside of the sheet. The words of leave - taking are depended on
the person to whom you are writing. See the examples...
The common forms with relatives are: Your affectionate son / daughter
/ nephew, etc,

i) Personal .... Yours affectionately / lovingly, etc,.
With acquaintances → Yours sincerely, etc,
With close friends → Yours affectionately.
ii) Formal → Yours faithfully, truly, etc,

6. Signature: Put your (hand written) signature just below the closing.
7. Subscription: It is the address on the envelope to whom the letter
is written.

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