January 27, 2015

10th Social Studies New Syllabus - 2 and 1 Marks Questions

Q: What is the impact of sex ratio on society?
A: Number of females per every 1000 males is called sex ratio. The
unbalanced sex ratio reflects the society.
Differences in the male-female ratio create problems in marital status.
Gender imbalance will lead to a reduction in the birth rate.
Gender imbalance will lead to work force, social imbalances and gender
bias. It also leads to trafficking of women.

Q: What are the main reasons for dropouts and never enrolled in India?
A: The reasons for dropouts and never enrolled in India are as follows:
Economically backwardness
Having many children
Migration of families to other places.
Child marriages
Severe punishments by the teachers
No access of schools in nearby places.
Health problems ★ Religious factors.

Q: Why did girls not get similar opportunities for further studies as boys?
A: The reasons for girls not getting similar opportunities for further
studies as boys are:
Child marriages.
Lack of social security for the girls.
If the girls go for higher studies, the demand for dowry may be more.
Feeling the girl child as a burden and trying to fulfill their
responsibility as early as possible.
Religious factors also play a crucial role.

1 Mark Questions:

Q: What is the density of population?
A: The density of population is the number of persons living per
square kilometer of an area.

Q: What is literacy rate?
A: Percentage of population in the age group of 7 years and above, who
can read, write and understand a language is called literacy rate.

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