January 27, 2015

Eenadu M Suresan Spoken English - Prepositions Lesson

There are no hard and fast rules for the use of prepositions. Why a
certain preposition is used before / after a word is purely a matter
of usage. Constant reading alone can be of help in the use of
prepositions. There are only rules which say which preposition can be
used before / after a word. The following are the points of usage of
certain prepositions.


a) Before days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc., the Ist of last
month, on the 25th etc.)
b) Before rivers to indicate their banks - Vijayawada is on the
Krishna; on bus / train (Something happening). Eg: There was a quarrel
between two passengers on the bus / train / on the ship, etc.
c) on the TV / radio (programmes)
d) on something - on the table / wall / table etc.
e) sides - on the right / left / the Ist floor, etc.
f) before all topless modes of travel: on horseback / elephant /on foot


a) Before months / years / seasons (in January / in 2014 / in spring,
summer etc.)
b) before parts of the day - in the morning / the evening / in the
night (at night) , in the afternoon, etc.
c) at the end of a period - in an hour / in a year, etc.
d) a place - in the room, in the class,
e) before big and important cities - in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, New York, etc.
f) in a car / taxi


a) Before small places and villages (at Mehboobbad/ Mangalagiri, etc.)
b) before events / occasions (at the party / the wedding)
c) before places of activity: at college / at the meeting / the cinema (hall)


Since = from sometime in the past.
Before a point of time (Since 2013 / December / 5 O'clock, etc.)


a) Over a certain period of time (for two years / for an hour etc.)
b) Kosam – This shirt is for Ramesh
c) On behalf of (He signed for the officer)
d) In support of ( I am for any good party)


a) By the side of / next to (He is beside his friend)
b) Not later than (By 3 O'clock = before / at 3 O'clock)
c) Before the person who does something in the passive voice (It was
done by Ravi)


a) Towards (in the direction of: He is moving towards the gate)
b) Destination
c) In the sense of doing something to somebody

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