January 27, 2015

Junior Inter Zoology - Ecology and Environment Imp VSA Questions

Q: Distinguish between ecosystem and biome.
A: a. A functional unit of Biosphere in which members of the community
interact among themselves and with the surrounding environment,
involving in energy flow forming a well defined trophic structure is
known as ecosystem.
b. A large community of organisms that occupies
a vast region is known as biome.

Q: Explain bioluminiscence.
A: Light emitted by living organisms is known as bioluminiscence. As
it is devoid of infra red rays, it is called cold light.

Q: Distinguish between neuston and nekton.
A: a. The animals living at the air water interface constitute the
neuston e.g., Gerris
b. The animals having powerful swimming organs are called nekton. e.g., Fishes.

Q: What is biological magnification?
A: Increase of concentration of the pollutant at successive trophic
levels in an aquatic food chain is known as biomagnification.

Q: What is cyclomorphosis? Explain its importance in Daphnia.
A: a. the cyclical morhological change in certain organisms (according
to changes of seasons) is called cyclomorphosis. e.g., Daphnia.
b. It is an adaptation in Daphnia to float in water according to
seasonal changes in density.

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