January 29, 2015

SSC Biology Imp Questions from Excretion Chapter for AP and Telangana Students

Q: Visit a urologist. Collect information about the diagram given
below. Then, write the names of each part and its function in a
tabular form.

A: This is excretory system of human being. I visited a urologist and
collected information about the functions of different vessels and
kidneys. I am giving the collected information in the table below.

Kidney: Filters waste from the blood.

Ureter: Carry waste from the kidney to the bladder

Urinary bladder: Stores liquid waste

Urethra: Carry liquid waste of the body

External opening: Passes urine out

Renal vein: Transports blood out of the kidney.

Renal artery: Takes blood into the kidney

Adrenal gland: The adrenals produce hormones that help balance your
blood sugar and manage your daily ebbs and flows of energy.

Posterior vena cava: The vena cava is the biggest vein in the body and
it brings the deoxygenated from all the tissues of the body back to
the heart. The posterior vena cava is the upper part of this vein and
it brings blood back to the heart the deoxygenated blood from systems
such as the excretory.

Dorsal aorta: The dorsal aorta is the main artery that carries blood
all around the body, including excretory system, except lungs.

Q: What is the result of the metabolic activities happening in our body?

A: A number of reactions take place during various metabolic
activities. Many useful substances and energy are produced.

At the same time many other things happen such as, toxic wastes may be
produced, water content may increase, ionic balance in the body may be
disturbed. The waste products include carbon dioxide, water,
nitrogenous compounds like Ammonia, Urea, Uric acid, bile pigments,
excess salts etc. The most poisonous of all waste products of
metabolism is Ammonia.

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