February 4, 2015

10th Social Studies Imp Questions - Peoples and Settlements - For AP and Telangana

Q: Explain the problems of urbanization.
A: Many people from villages come to cities and towns because of many
reasons. Increasing urbanization is not just about great opportunities
for people but more economic productivity etc. It also results in many
problems. The growing urban population has to be housed. It needs
water supply, sewage and other waste disposal transportation and many
other things. All these result in environmental stress.

As vehicle use increases, urban air pollution, sound pollution
increases, health problems and localized climatic change. Improper
sewage disposal can also lead to greater threat of infectious

Q: What is an aerotropolis? How is it structured?
A: A new kind of settlement is occurring in many countries, including
India. These settlements are centered on large airports.

Hence the name aerotropolis (or airport city). In an aerotropolis the
airport functions
as a city in its own right. Many facilities (hotels, shopping,
entertainment, food, business
conferencing, etc.) are provided right there. People can fly in;
conduct their business
with their counterparts‚ 'right there, and fly out'‚ with all the
comfort of a city, without the traffic and other problems.

Some form of aerotropolises are emerging in these places in India:
Bangalore International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport
(Delhi), and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad).

Q: Mention a few names of the International airports?
A: . Bangalore International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi)
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad)
Suvarnabhoomi International Airport, Bangkok
Dubai International Airport (Dubai)
Cairo International Airport (Cairo, Egypt)
London Heathrow Airport (London, UK).

Q: Mention a few types of settlements.
A: Slum areas, unauthorized colonies, rural areas, regularized
colonies of unauthorized and planned colonies are a few settlements.

Q: What is a settlement?
A: The way we organize ourselves and our living in a geographical
space where we live and work is called settlement.

Q: What is the hierarchy of Indian settlements?
A: The hierarchy in Indian settlements is Megacities, metropolitan
cities, cities, towns, revenue villages and hamlets.

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