February 24, 2015

10th Social Studies - Rampur - A Village Economy - Imp Questions

Q: What are the reasons for men receiving a higher wage than women for the same work? Discuss.

A: There is a difference in payments between the men and women though the work is same. Some hard physical work like tilling the land is done only by men. The wages for men are higher when the work is only meant for men.

The strength and stamina of male labour is more than that of the female workers. Critical work like climbing the hills, cutting the trees is given to only men. Normally the men work more than the women. In some cases it has become a tradition that women will be paid less. The wages are different from region to region, season to season and crop to crop.

Q: Why are the farm labourers poor?

A: Most of the farm labourers are landless. They work on daily wages especially in agriculture.  They receive very less wages. There is heavy competition for work among the farm labourers. They get work very often and that to not regular work.

Because of machines like tractors, threshes, harvesters the labourers have work for very less number of days. Many of them are not literates. They don't find jobs in other sectors. Some of them get work for a few days only especially in some specific seasons. So they are poor.

Q: Water is a natural and major resource for agricultural production. Explain the statement.

A: There is no doubt that the water is a natural and important resource for agricultural production. It has become a non available thing now-adays. Lifting of water by electric pump sets is increasing. Without water or irrigation facility we can't expect agricultural production. Nowadays linking of water sources like rivers is taking place.

Most of the cultivated areas are still rain fed. To bring water available to agriculture needs much capital. Otherwise agriculture production will be
affected. As the deforestation is going on the farmers are facing the problem of scanty rainfall. Water is not percolating properly nowadays and it is flowing towards rivers or oceans.

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