February 2, 2015

Intermediate Botany Practicals Exam Model and Marks for AP and Telangana

Time: 3 Hrs. Max Marks: 30
I. Describe vegetative and floral characters of the given twig 'A' in
technical terms. Draw labeled diagrams of the twig with inflorescence
and L.S. of flower. Give floral diagram and floral formula. Identify
its family.
(Fabaceae / Solanaceae/ Liliaceae)
- 6 Marks

Technical description of vegetative characters (stem and leaf): 1 Mark
Technical description of floral characters (Inflorescence, flower in
general and flower in detail): 2 Marks
Identification of the family: 1 Mark
Floral formula: 1/2 Mark
Floral diagram: 1/2 Mark
Labeled diagram of twig with inflorescence: 1/2 Mark
Labeled diagram of L.S. of flower: 1/2 Mark
(Do not draw the diagrams of T.S. of ovary or fruit)

II. Take T.S. of the given material 'B'. Stain, mount and leave the
preparation for evaluation. Identify it and draw a well labeled
diagram (Sector enlarged only. No need to write identification
characters) - 6 Marks

Preparation of slide: Take thin sections with a good quality blade,
stain with saffranine and wash and then mount the best section on a
glass slide using glycerin and cover slip.
- 3 Marks
Identification (name of the plant organ. ex: Dicot stem, Dicot root,
Monocot stem,
Monocot root): 1 Mark
Labelled diagram (Sector only, do not draw ground plan): 2 Marks

III. Experiment 'C'
Each student should perform one experiment out of the four according
to dip / lottery.
- 6 Marks
Performing the experiment: 3 Marks
Aim 1/ 2 Mark
Principle 1 Mark
Observation 1 Mark
Inference 1/2 Mark
Experiment I: Osmosis by potato osmoscope
Experiment II: Study of plasmolysis in epidermal peel of leaf.
Experiment III: Transpiration by cobalt chloride paper method.
Experiment IV: Separation of leaf pigments by chromatographic technique.

Note: The student should begin the examination with Question No. 3
i.e. Experiment C
in order to give sufficient time to the students to get the results of
the experiment.
IV. Identify D, E, F, G and H giving reasons
(each 1 Mark) 1 × 5 = 5 Marks

Identification 1-2 Mark and Reasons (at least two) 1/ 2 Mark (No need
to draw diagrams)
D - Vegetative morphology (root modifications, stem modifications and
leaf modifications)
E - Reproductive Morphology and Reproduction in angiosperms
(inflorescences and fruits)
F - Algae / Fungi
G - Bryophyta / Pteridophyta
H - Gymnosperms, Angiosperms

V. Record and Herbarium duly certified to be submitted at the time of
- 7 Marks
Record: 5 Marks
Herbarium (at least 15 sheets representing the families included in
the syllabus):
- 2 Marks

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