February 10, 2015

IPE Junior Inter Chemistry Important Questions for AP and Telangana Boards

Following important questions for Junior Intermediate students. The
questions are from Chemistry of new syllabus of AP and Telangana
Intermediate Boards. The questions are compiled from all the syllabus.

1. What is Boltzman's constant? Give its value in Joules.
2. Calculate the Normality of Oxalic acid solution containing 6.3 g of
H2C2O4. 2 H2O in 500 ml of solution.
3. What is "Heterogeneous equilibrium"? Give one example.
4. SiO2 is a solid while CO 2 is a gas. Explain.
5. What are silicones?
6. Why does the solubility of alkaline earth metal carbonates and
sulphates in water decrease down the group?
7. Give two properties of Washing soda.
8. What is 'Eutrophication'?
9. What is Ozone hole? Where was it first observed?
10. Deduce a) Charle's law b) Dalton's law from kinetic gas equation.
11. Explain spontaneity of process.
12. Explain Bronsted Acid Base theory.
13. What is Borax? Explain the borax bead test with a suitable example.
14. Write few lines on the utility of Hydrogen as a fuel.
15. Define Dipole moment. Explain why H2O has dipole moment while CO2
does not have.
16. State Fajan's rules with suitable examples.
17. What are Quantum numbers? Explain the significance of Quantum numbers.
18. Write an essay on s, p d, f block elements.
19. a) What is substitution reaction? Explain the formation of methyl
benzene and nitro benzene.
b) Explain addition of HBr to propene with the ionic mechanism.

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