February 10, 2015

IPE Zoology - Junior Inter 4 and 8 Marks Important Questions

The following questions are for IPE Zoology examinations of Junior
Intermediate. The 4 and 8 marks questions are given as per the new
syllabus. These are important questions for IPE exams of AP and
Telangana Boards.

4 Marks Questions:

1. Write short notes on biodiveristy hot spots.
2. Describe the structure of a multipolar neuron.
3. Explain the important characters of echinoids.
4. What are the adaptations found in birds to fly.
5. Describe transeverse binary fission in Paramoecium.
6. Write short notes on Opioids.
7. Draw labelled diagram of ommatidium of cockroach and explain its structure.
8. Explian Vant Hoff rule.
9. Describe the system of binominal nomenclature.
10. Mention the general characters of Holothuroidea.
11. Mention the general characters of the class Amphibia.
12. Give an account of flagellar locomotion.
13. Draw a neat labelled diagram of a multipolar neuron.
14. In your view what motivates youngsters to take to alcohol or drugs
and how can this be avoided?
15. Give an account of Haversian system of a compact bone.
16. Give an account of transverse binary fission

8 Marks Questions:

1. Describe energy flow in an ecosystem.
2. Describe blood circulatory system in periplaneta in detail and draw
a neat labelled diagram.
3. Describe structure and lie history of ascaris lumbricoides with
labelled diagrams.
4. Describe the mosquito phase of the life history of Plasmodium vivax.
5. Describe the digestive system of Periplaneta americana . Add a note
on physiology of digestion.
6. Give an account of the flow of energy in an ecosystem.

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