February 10, 2015

Junior Intermediate Zoology 2 Marks Questions for IPE Exams in AP and Telangana

Following are important questions for Junior Intermediate Zoology
public examinations for AP and Telangana Inter Boards. These are 2
marks questions from new syllabus.

1. Define species richness.
2. Differentiate the tendon and ligament.
3. What is meant by haematocritic value?
4. Define osteon.
5. Name the excretory cells of flat worms. What is their primary function?
6. Name the four extra embryonic membranes.
7. Define conjugation in ciliates. Write two examples.
8. Draw labelled diagram of a flagellum.
9. Differentiate lymphangitis and lymphadentis.
10. What is green house effect?

11. Explain tautonymy. Give one example.
12. Name two larval forms of sponges.
13. What is endostyle? What is its function?
14. What is biological magnification?
15. What is paurometabolous development? Give one example.
16. What is lymph? How does it differ from plasma?
17. Define mutualism. Give one example.
18. The head of cockroach is said to be hypognathous. Justify the statement.
19. What is nocturnal periodicity? Give one example.
20. What is nitrogen fixation? Give one example of an organism that
fixes nitrogen.

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