March 19, 2015

10th Class English - Common Errors Exercises

Lets know some of the most common errors we make and learn how to express them correctly. Note that (R) is used for the correct sentences
and (W) for the incorrect ones and (Expl.) for explanation.

The committee discussed on the evils of dowry system. (W)
The committee discussed the evils of dowry system. (R)
Expl.: Preposition is not used after certain verbs such as tell, attend, meet, order etc.

We call Sarojini Naidu as the Nightingale of India. (W)
We call Sarojini Naidu the Nightingale of India. (R)
Expl.: 'As' is not used after verbs like call, consider, etc.

She has been awaiting for the doctor for a long time. (W)
She has been waiting for the doctor for a long time. (R)
Expl.: The preposition 'for' is not used after await.

It's time you change your dirty shoes. (W)
It's time you changed your dirty shoes. (R)
Expl.: Past tense is used after 'it's time ....'

The police has arrested the rowdy. (W)
The police have arrested the rowdy. (R)
Expl.: Some nouns are not plural in form but they take a plural verb.

Sai Sneha is my cousin sister. (W)
Sai Sneha is my cousin. (R)
Expl.: 'Sister' or 'brother' is not added to the word 'cousin'.

Please, let the bird to fly away. (W)
Please, let the bird fly away. (R)
Expl.: Plain infinitive is used after verbs such as 'let', bid, make, suggest, etc.

There was no place in the bus for luggage. (W)
There was no room in the bus for luggage. (R)
Expl.: 'Room' conveys the meaning of 'space to occupy'.

Nile is the longest river in the world. (W)
The Nile is the longest river in the world. (R)
Expl.: 'The' is used before the names of rivers, seas, oceans and holy books.

The news seem to be unbelievable. (W)
The news seems to be unbelievable. (R)
Expl.: Some nouns such as Mathematics, Economics, etc. are not plural in form, are always followed by verbs in the singular.

Akhila lost her shoe yesterday. (W)
Akhila lost her shoes yesterday. (R)
Expl.: Some nouns such as spectacles, scissors, trousers are used only as plural.

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