March 21, 2015

10th Class Social Studies Paper 1 Bit Bank - English Medium for AP and Telangana

1. The longitude taken as the Indian Standard Meridian is ......
A) 82° 30' W B) 82° 30' E
C) 23° 30' W D) 23° 30' N

2. World land forms are originated from .......
A) Angara land B) Gondwana land
C) Angara and Gondwana land D) The Himalayas

3. The highest peak in the Eastern Ghats is ......
A) Dodabetta B) Aroya Konda C) Anaimudi D) Everest

4. The plateau which lies in between the Aravali and the Vindhya Range is .......
A) Chotanagpur B) Malwa
C) Deccan D) The entire peninsula

5. The second highest peak in the Himalayas is .........
A) Everest B) Kanchenjunga C) K2 D) Nanda Devi

6. Which is not a public facility?
A) A government school
B) Panchayat library
C) Television D) Railway

7. The Kudamkulam power plant is of ......
A) Coal B) Wind C) Biogases D) Nuclear

8. The following is not one of the goals of the people .........
A) Equal treatment B) Freedom
C) Discrimination D) Respect

9. Per capita income = Total Income of the country ÷ ........
A) Total population B) Working people
C) All the government employees
D) Income of the men

10. An example for service sector is ........
A) Tilling the land B) Manufacturing
C) Tailoring D) Weeding

11. Major contributor to GDP is .........
A) Agriculture B) Service sector
C) Industrial sector D) Mining

12. A climatograph shows .........
A) Temperature only B) Rainfall only
C) Temperature and rainfall
D) Population and density

13. Our country is divided into almost two equal parts by .........
A) The Tropic of Cancer B) The Equator
C) The Tropic of Capricorn D) Greenwich

14. Udagamandalam is also called as .........
A) Gulmarg B) Ooty C) Nainital D) Darjeeling

15. Cyclone depressions which are coming from this sea are called western disturbances
A) The Arabian Sea B) Aegean Sea
C) The Baltic Sea
D) The Mediterranean Sea

16. The Tamilnadu coast is called as .......
A) Coramandal Coast B) Malabar Coast
C) Konkani Coast D) West Coast

17. The Indus river originates in Kailas Range near .........
A) Gangotri B) Triambak C) Manasarovar D) Mahabaleshwar

18. The following is not a tributary of the river Ganga ........
A) Yamuna B) Gomati C) Jhelum D) Ghagra

19. Which of the following is not a peninsular river?
A) Godavari B) Cauvery C) Brahmaputra D) Tapti

20. River Narmada joins ..........
A) Indian Ocean B) Bay of Bengal
C) Arabian Sea D) Black Sea

21. Tungabhadra water is shared by these two states .........
A) Karnataka - Andhra Pradesh
B) Kerala - Karnataka
C) Kerala - Tamilnadu
D) Karnataka - Tamilnadu

22. With regard to age structure, the working age is ........
A) 0-15 years B) 15-59 years
C) above 59 years D) 0-59 years

23. Literacy Rate in India, as per 2011 census is .......
A) 74.04% B) 70.44% C) 70.04 % D) 74.44%

24. Population density of India in the year 2011 was ........
A) 482 persons per sq km
B) 382 persons per sq km
C) 824 persons per sq km
D) 778 persons per sq km

25. Highest population density is found in this state ........
A) Andhra Pradesh B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Haryana D) West Bengal


1-B; 2-C; 3-A; 4-B; 5-C; 6-C; 7-D; 8-C; 9-A; 10-C; 11-B; 12-C; 13-A; 14-B; 15-D; 16-A;
17-C; 18-C; 19-C; 20-C; 21-A; 22-B; 23-A; 24-B; 25-D.

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