March 16, 2015

10th Class Physical Sciences - Imp 1 Mark Questions

Q: Name three metals which occur in free state in nature.
A: Gold (Au), Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu) are available in nature in free state.

Q: How are metals extracted from mineral ores?
A: The extraction of metals from their ores are done in three stages.
a) Concentration or dressing.
b) Extraction of crude metal.
c) Refining or purification of metal.

Q: What are the various types of furnaces?
A: 1) Blast furnace 2) Reverberatory furnace and 3) Retort furnace are the three types of furnaces.

Q: Why are we advised not to use animal fats for Cooking?
A: Animal fats are recently identified as the cause for heart disease and obesity. So it is advised not to use them for cooking.

Q: What is Ethanoic acid?
A: Ethanoic acid is commonly called as acetic acid.

Q: Name the acid present in Vinegar.
A: 5-8 % solution of acetic acid in water is called Vinegar.

Q: What happens when a small piece of sodium is dropped into ethanol?
A: When a small piece of sodium is dropped into ethanol, sodium ethoxide and hydrogen are formed.

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