March 21, 2015

10th Class Public Exams - Social Studies Bit Bank for AP and Telangana Students

1. Lowest population density is found in this state ........
A) Arunachal Pradesh B) West Bengal
C) Odisha D) Jammu and Kashmir

2. During 19th century, the British and the French fought a naval battle over this
city .........
A) Chennai B) Mumbai
C) Paradeep D) Vishakhapatnam

3. Mega City means, the city which is having the population of ........
A) 8 million people
B) More than 15 million people
C) More than 10 million people
D) More than 25 million people

4. Suvarnabhoomi International Airport is in .........
A) Colombo B) Bangkok C) Dubai D) Cairo

5. People coming to cities and towns and settling there is called ...........
A) Industrialization B) liberalization
C) Globalization D) Urbanization

6. Which of the following is not a factor of production?
A) Land B) Interest C) Labourers D) Capital

7. If more than one crop is grown in the same piece of land it is called ..........
A) Multiple cropping B) Modern cropping
C) Podu agriculture D) Subsistence farming

8. Cargill foods bought this Indian company .....
A) National foods B) Godrej
C) Tata motors D) Parakh foods

9. It is the main channel connecting distant countries ........
A) tourism B) trade C) roads D) hotels

10. Infosys is an MNC in this field .........
A) Automobiles B) Information Technology
C) Paints D) Food items

11. This is not related to Food security ........
A) Mid day meals scheme
B) Ration shops C) Anganwadi
D) Free distribution of books

12. Anthyodaya card holders are entitled to get the food grains of ........
A) 25 kg per month B) 35 kg per month
C) 15 kg per month D) 10 kg per month

13. Calorie intake per day in urban areas is ......
A) 2000 calories B) 2100 calories
C) 1900 calories D) 2400 calories

14. National Institution of Nutrition is located in .......
A) Warangal B) Kurnool C) Chennai D) Hyderabad

15. National Food Security Act came out in the year ..........
A) 2011 B) 2012 C) 2013 D) 2014

16. The first state in India that is planning to shift completely to organic farming by
2015 ............
A) Sikkim B) Assom C) Nagaland D) Tripura

17. According to National Food Security Act, every person of low income family is entitled to get the food grains of .........
A) 4 kg B) 12 kg C) 8 kg D) 5 kg

18. Mid day meals is provided in government schools to this age group ........
A) 0 - 5 B) 6 - 9 C) 0 - 14 D) 6 - 14

19. Which of the following is not an environmental issue .........
A) Deforestation B) Soil erosion
C) Decreasing of groundwater level
D) Rising of prices

20. The book 'Silent Spring' is written by .......
A) Rachel Carson B) Mandela
C) Carl Louis D) David Hudson

21. The Narmada Valley Development Project is one of the world's largest project of .......
A) Nuclear power B) Thermal power
C) Hydroelectric project D) irrigation only


1-A; 2-D; 3-C; 4-B; 5-D; 6-B; 7-A; 8-D; 9-B; 10-B; 11-D; 12-B; 13-B; 14-D; 15-C; 16-A; 17-D; 18-D; 19-D; 20-A; 21-C.

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