March 27, 2015

SSC Public Exams English Grammar Exercises for AP and Telangana Students

Rewrite the following as directed. (Transformation of sentences).

1. She is very tired. She cannot walk any further. (Use '')
2. Sruthi lost her earrings. So she is sad. (Combine using 'because')
3. He had given me a book. I read it twice. (Combine using 'which')
4. The old man was getting into the bus. He slipped and fell down. (Combine using 'as')
5. He did not work hard. But he passed the test. (Combine using 'although')
6. The thief saw the policeman. He immediately ran away (Combine using 'no sooner...')
7. The trunk is very heavy. He cannot carry it. (Combine using '')
8. I want to find a job in England. So I am learning English. (Combine using "so that")
9. Helen Keller was deaf. She was blind too. (Combine using 'not only...')
10. This is the house. I was born in it. (Combine using 'which')

Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions.

1. She cut the apple ...... two. (in - into - by)
2. The cat jumped ...... the rat and killed it. (on - upon - over)
3. The businessman supplied the poor ...... food. (with - by - from)
4. The Rajputs quarrelled ...... themselves. (between - among - under)
5. Those boys are playing ...... the shade of the tree. (in - under - at)
6. She lives ...... Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. (in - on - at - over)
7. Ten persons were killed ...... the train accident. (in - with - by)
8. I have not seen her ...... last month. (for - since - from)
9. It's ten ...... my watch (in - by - at) 
10. The train is ...... time today. (in - on - at)


1. She was too tired to walk any further.
2. Sruthi is sad because she lost her earnings.
3. I read the book twice which he had given me.
4. The old man slipped and fell down as he was getting into the bus. (OR)
As the old man was getting into the bus, he slipped and fell down.
5. Although he did not work hard, he passed the test.
6. No sooner did the thief see the policeman, than he ran away.
7. The trunk is too heavy (for him) to carry.
8. I am learning English so that I can find a job in England.
9. Helen Keller was not only deaf but also blind.
10. This is the house in which I was born.

Prepositions Answers:

1. into 2. upon 3. with 4. among 5. in  
6. at/ in 7. in 8. since 9. by 10. on.

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