March 27, 2015

SSC Public Exams English - Reported Speech Exercise

Following is an exercise for SSC Public Exams of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana students. The exercises are useful for Telugu medium and English medium students for practice.

Change the following into Reported Speech.

1. The salesman said, "What can I do for you?"
2. Gandhiji said, "I should be here at the stroke of five."
3. "May I come in, sir?" - the girl said to the teacher.
4. The old woman said, "Oh! What a terrible hot day it is?"
5. The invigilator said to the candidates, "Show me your Hall Tickets."
6. Father said to mother, "Are you ready?"
7. "What are you doing?" The teacher said to Harini.
8. The lawyer said to his client, "Don't keep any secret from me".
9. The captain said to his soldiers, "start firing".
10. "Would you please help me lift the box?" she said.


1. The salesman asked me / wanted to know what he could do for me.
2. Gandhiji confessed that he had to / should be there at the stroke of five.
3. The girl asked the teacher whether / if she might come in.
4. The old woman exclaimed that it was a terribly hot day.
5. The invigilator asked the candidates to show him / her their Hall Tickets.
6. Father asked / wanted to know whether / if mother was ready.
7. The teacher asked Harini what she was doing.
8. The lawyer advised his / her client not to keep any secret from him / her.
9. The captain ordered his soldiers to start firing.
10. She requested me to help her lift the box.

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