September 11, 2015

Inter First Year Botany - Cell Cycle and Cell Division Study Plan

Cell Cycle and Cell Division: Start it with Rudolf Virchow's
contribution. Make a definition for cell cycle. Prepare the difference
between Amitosis & Mitosis, Mitosis
and Meiosis.

Mitosis: Take all the examples from previous lesson where it occurs.
How many mitotic divisions occur in pollengrains, Megaspore. How many
types of Mitotic divisions are there? What is the difference between
Arithmetic and Geometric divisions? What is meant by generation/
cycle. Problems may be asked on them.

Prepare a list of changes that take place in different stages. Know
what is meant by 2C & 4C DNA.

Meioses: Types of Meiosis - information about it must be known (Zygotic meiosis,
sporic meiosis, gametic meiosis). Prepare a list of changes for
different stages. Find where chromosome divides, centromere divides,
chromosomes separate, genomes separate, chromatids separate,
condensation/ compaction of chromosomes occur.

What is the significance of Mitosis & Meiosis. Numerical problems may
be asked based on the chromosome numbers given in Table 11.1.

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