September 11, 2015

IPE Botany Preparation - Plants and Plant Ecology

Internal organisation of Plants: It deals with Tissues and Anatomy.
Read the chapter in 4 parts.
1. Types of Tissues: Characters and types of Meristematic tissues,
Functions of different types of meristems. Types of permanent tissues.
Types of simple tissues. Differences between Parenchyma, Collenchyma &
Sclerenchyma, Cell wall organisation.

Examples for different types of sclereids can be asked as Matching/
MCQ in Eamcet.

Complex tissues - Xylem and Phloem - their components and differences
and examples are necessary. Definitions about each exarch, endarch,
mesarch, radial, collateral, open, closed vascular bundles, Ray
Parenchyma, Axial
parenchyma. Prepare a short notes on tissue systems. Ask your teacher
how these tissue systems are formed.

2. Anatomy: Prepare completely labelled diagram for Root, Stem,
Leaf of dicots & monocots. Make a comparative account for root and stem for
characters - epidermis to Medulla. It gives glimpse of overall
characters. Differences between root, stem, leaf of dicots & monocots
essential. Give stress on number of layers, vascular bundles and types
of cell. Numerical problems
can be asked.
Scope: 1 LAQ, 2 Q's in Eamcet.

Plant Ecology:

It is an easy and simple chapter. It is a scoring chapter in IPE &
Eamcet. More marks with less efforts.

Learn the definitions of Ecology, Population, Community, Ecosystem,
Biomes (examples also) and Adaptation. Prepare notes on Morphological
and Anatomical characters, various types of Hydrophytes and Xerophytes
with examples. Figures are more important. Types of successions and
their differences. Take a look of figures 13.6.

Arrange them in a sequence type of question can be asked from it. Make
a notes on types of ecological services & Examples.
Scope: 1 VSAQ, 1 SAQ, 2 Q's in Eamcet.

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