September 11, 2015

Junior Inter Botany Study Plan - Cell - The Unit of Life Chapter

Cell - The Unit of Life: It is a fundamental chapter again for
learning Genetics, Biotechnology and Physiology. Though it is a big
chapter, the student has to learn with more patience. Differentiate
Cytology, Cell Biology, Biology, Reductionist

Prepare a short notes from discovery of microscope, cell, living cell,
organelles and to cell theory. Prepare a list of differences between
Animal Cell, Plant Cell; Prokaryotic cell and Eukaryotic Cell. Make a
matching material from Fig. 9.1 and 9.2 of text book.

Prepare a list of naked organelles, single membrane bounded organelles, double
membrane bounded organelles and microbodies. Prepare a table with
1) Name of the discoverer
2) Structural Specialities
3) Functions for each organelle.

Prepare a separate notes for:
1) Inclusion bodies 2) Cytoskeleton 3) Cilia and flagella 4)
Centrosome 5) Nucleosome (Figures are necessary) 6) Detailed structure
and types of chromosomes.

Make use of summary, glossary and description about Scientist given
the first page of the chapter. Prepare answers for VSAQ, Exercises
given at the end.

Scope: 1 VSAQ & 1 SAQ. 2 Questions in Eamcet.

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