September 11, 2015

Junior Inter Botany Study Plan - Taxonomy of Angiosperms Chapter

Taxonomy of Angiosperms: It is an apex chapter in Botany in Morphology
area. It is the application of all terms learned in Chapter 5. A
student/ teacher thorough with Chapter 5 only can learn/ teach this
chapter. Systematic application of terminology
learnt there in Morphology. It can be divided into 4 parts. 1)
Components of Taxonomy 2) Types of Classifications 3) Technical
description of a family 4) families prescribed.

1. Components of Taxonomy: These are 4. Each one should be studied in detail.
Nomenclature is not dealt here. Take it from Chapter 1. In the same
way details of taxons also (take from Chapter 1). Student should know
how a Botanical name is written. In taxons, one should be thorough
with hierarchial arrangement, how a series and order end with.

2. Types of classification: An introduction of Parashara and Charaka
is also necessary though it is not given in text. From there the
student goes to Theophrastus and come to APGS. More stress should be
given to Bentham and Hookers classification.

Questions in it will be asked in number ratios. Prepare a chart with -
Number of series orders, families for Polypetalae, gamopetalae,
Monochlamydae and Monocotyledon.

3. Technical Description: It is a difficult part. Actually this
chapter is given less share in Marks quota. Under this the student has
to study what is 1) Anterior side of a flower 2) Posterior side 3)
Where the odd sepal and odd petal should be present in Dicots,
Fabaceae and Monocots 4) Position of bract, bracteole 5) Floral
diagram- how to represent Sepal, Petal, Stamen & gynoecium 6) Floral
diagram 7) Floral formula 8) the characters expressed in floral
formula but not a floral diagram 9) The characters expressed in floral
diagram but not in floral
formula 10) Prepare correct floral formula and floral diagram for all
4 families-
1) Brassicaceae 2) Fabaceae 3) Solanaceae 4) Liliaceae on one sheet.
Compare them.

After that come to the description of each family. After reading each
family prepare a list of important plants with scientific names. It is
highly essential. One question will be definitely asked in IPE and
Eamcet. Their economic use also should be studied simultaneously. .
Prepare a comparative account of 4 families for Flower, Pollination,
Fruit and Seed. Prepare a list for ascending/ descending order for 1)
Perianth members 2) Stamen 3) Carpels 4) Floral leaves based on

There is a lot of work for the student and teacher. This is chapter
carries 4 marks (1 SAQ) in IPE, 3 marks in entrance exam and 6 marks
in practicals.

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