December 26, 2015

New Central Universities and Institutions in Andhra Pradesh - 2016

The Central Government is in the process of establishing various central universities / institutes of national importance in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The Government of AP has to allot lands and its share of funds for these institutions to set up campuses.

1) IIT Tirupati
2) IISER Tirupati
3) IIM Visakhapatnam
4) NIT Tadepalligudem
5) IIIT Kurnool
6) Tribal University
7) Central University
8) Agricultural University
9) Petroleum University
10) Disaster Management University
11) AIIMS Mangalagiri

Most of these universities / institutions will come up with the financial assistance by Central Government. Government of AP has to allot sufficient land and other resources as its part.

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