December 26, 2015

New Universities in Andhra Pradesh in 2016 - XLRI, Amritha, GMR, SRM, SAARC Universities

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has approved several universities in the private management category. The government has confirmed the establishment of following private universities / educational institutions in the country.

1) Fisheries Universities
3) Esha Leadership Academy
4) Law Academy
5) Amritha Viswavidyalayam
6) KRIDA (Sports department)
7) Logistics University
8) Tourism and Hospitality University (Tourism department)
9) Energy Institute
10) Telugu University (Education department)
11) TERI - Energy Resources - AP
12) Urdu University
13) YVR (Yalamanchili Infra Limited)
14) Web City (Virtual Academy - Higher Education Department)
15) Open University
16) GMR University
17) Natural History Park
18) Museum (Planning Department)
19) SRM University
20) Softbank
21) IIM (A) - SAARC University
22) Esha Yoga and Meditation Center
23) CII Knowledge Economy Zone

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has to allot the lands for these universities / institutions to set up campuses in various locations of the state.

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