February 7, 2018

10th Class Social Studies - 1 Mark IMP Questions in Food Security Chapter

Q: What is the need of security?
A: Food security is needed for various purposes. The main purpose of food security is no person should go to bed with empty stomach.

Q: Which Act has legalised Right to Food?
A: National Food Security Act (2013) has legalised right to food.

Q: What is meant by Buffer Stock?
A: The Stock of food grains maintained by the Government through food corporation of India is called Buffer stock.

Q: What is meant by Minimum Support Price?
A: Minimum Support Price is a form of market intervention by the government of India to ensure agricultural produces against any sharp fall in form prices.

Q: What is meant by Nutrition Food?
A: Nutrition Food is that food which provides energy, growth and capacity to remain healthy and fight illness.

Q: What is NIN? Where is its headquarters?
A: National Institute of Nutrition. Its headquarters in Hyderabad.

Q: What is ideal standard for calories of food for Urban and Rural people?
A: Urban people 2100 calories, Rural people 2400 calories.

Q: What is meant by “Agricultural Diversification”?
A: The careful planning which provides the farmers to take up food crops and non-food crops and dairying together as a greater variety in Agricultural is called diversification.

Q: Give examples of coarse cereals.
A: Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Maize

Q: What is ICDS?
A: Integrated Child Development Scheme.

Q: What is meant by percapita availability of food grains?
A: The availability of food grains per person per day is called percapita availability of food grains.

Q: Expand PDS, BMI.
A: PDS − Public Distribution System.
BMI − Body Mass Index.

Q: What is recommended food intake per day?
A: A standard of 2100 kilocalories perday in Urban areas and 2400 kilocalories in Rural areas is the recommended food intake per day.

Q: What is the main objective of food security Act 2013?
A: The Indian government came out with a new law in 2013 called the national Food Security act to legalise peoples right to Food.

Q: What are Anganwadis?
A: Where young children are taken care of, including mid day meal.

Q: What is called as Food Hunger?
A: A feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food coupled with the desire to eat is known as food hunger.

Q: What does ‘stunting’ refer to?
A: The nutrition of disorder in which children would remain short than their age due to under nourishment and defective bone growth.

Q: What are fair price shops?
A: The ration shops which come under the PDS are called fair price shops.

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