February 7, 2018

10th Social Studies Important Questions - 2 Marks - Food Security Chapter

Q: What has to be done in order to increase the per hectare yield of a crop?
A: In order to increase the per hectare yield of crop, necessary inputs have to provided in a judicious manner. On the way is to expand irrigation but use water in a manner. So that this vital resources is shared and made available to all.

Q: “The poor are suffering from under nutrition today” - Discuss.
A: Under nutrition refers to a situation where there is unbalance diet. More than one third of the world’s Malnourished children live in India. Socio-economic status, religion and region etc are the cause for under nutrition. In general many poor are at the risk of under-nutrition.

Q: How is food security ensured in India?
A: Food security is being ensured in India by using following methods.
a) By improving production.
b) By maintaining buffer stock
c) By public distribution system.

Q: Discuss the implementation of National Food Security Act-2013.
A: The National Food Security Act 2013 aims to provide subsidized food grains to approximately two third of Indian population.
It included the midday meal scheme, integrated child development services and the public distribution system.
Pregnant Women, lactating mothers and certain categories of children entitled to this programme.

Q: What is Food security?
A: Food Security consists of the following.
Availability of food: There should be enough food for all.
Accessibility of food: All persons should have access to food. It should be within the reach of everyone.
Affordability to food: All persons should have enough money to buy safe and nutritious food.

Q: What elements do you incorporate while preparing a pamphelt on food security to bring about awareness among the people of your locality?
A: H Need of food for the person.
Disparities among the people in getting required food.
Need for special actions to bring food, available for all.
The way of providing food grains for all.

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