November 13, 2010

Intermediate Public Exams Schedule -Results and Hall Tickets- Andhra Pradesh

Government of Andhra Pradesh has released Examination Schedule for Intermediate First Year / Second Year) and Tenth Class / SSC Public exams to be held for the academic year 2011-12. The latest Inter Exams schedule for the year 2011-12 is provided in another post. According to the official schedule Intermediate Public Examinations will start from 7 March 2011 and closed on 25th March 2011. First year exams will start from 9th March and Second Year will start from a day later (10th March 2011). Environmental Education examination will be held on 31st January 2011. Practical Exams for Intermediate will start from 3rd February and will end on 22nd February 2011. 10th Class / Tenth Class / SSC Public Examinations schedule also released. You can find this info on another post of this blog. Following is the Intermediate Public Exams Schedule. Link for hall tickets checking and download of district wise hall tickets of IPE 2011 (first / second year) is provided at the end of the post:

Exam Timings: 8 AM - 11 AM

Inter First Year Exams Schedule 2010-11:

1. 07-03-2011: Part II 2nd Language Paper -I
2. 09-03-2011: Part I English Paper- I
3. 11-03-2011: Part III Maths Paper IA /Botany Paper I / Civics Paper I / Psychology Paper I
4. 14-03-2011: Maths Paper IB / Zoology Paper I/ History Paper I
5. 16-03-2011: Physics Paper I / Economics Paper I/ Classical Language Paper I
6. 18-03-2011: Chemistry Paper I / Commerce Paper I / Sociology Paper I / Fine Arts, Music Paper I
7. 22-03-2011: Geology Paper I / Home Science Paper I/ Public Administration Paper I / Logic Paper I / Geography Paper I / Bridge Course Maths Paper (For BiPC Students) I
8. 24-03-2011: Modern Language Paper I

Inter 2nd Year Exams Schedule 2010-11:

1. 08-03-2011: Part II 2nd Language Paper -II
2. 10-03-2011: Part I English Paper- II
3. 12-03-2011: Part III Maths Paper II A /Botany Paper II / Civics Paper II / Psychology Paper II
4. 15-03-2011: Maths Paper II B / Zoology Paper II/ History Paper II
5. 17-03-2011: Physics Paper II / Economics Paper II/ Classical Language Paper II
6. 21-03-2011: Chemistry Paper II / Commerce Paper II / Sociology Paper II / Fine Arts, Music Paper II
7. 23-03-2011: Geology Paper II / Home Science Paper II/ Public Administration Paper II / Logic Paper II / Geography Paper II / Bridge Course Maths Paper (For BiPC Students) II
8. 25-03-2011: Modern Language Paper II

9. 31-01-2011: Environmental Education Examinations (10 AM - 1 PM)
10. Practical Examinations: 03-02-2011 to 22-02-2011
11. Theory Examinations: 07-03-2011 to 25-03-2011

You can check / download hall tickets from this link: (copy and paste this in new window)

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