February 17, 2011

Best Engineering Colleges in Prakasam District - EAMCET Last Ranks - Cut Offs

In this article, you will get info on engineering colleges in Prakasam district and ther EAMCET 2010 cut offs / last ranks for various branches and categories (BC, SC, ST and OC). EAMCET 2010 data is available for all the engineering colleges of the district which will be highly useful for EAMCET 2011 candidates. Prakasam district has about 30 engineering colleges. The district falls under the local area of Andhra University. The Engineering colleges are spread into several semi urban towns such as Chirala, Kanigiri, Podili, Chimakjurthy, Kandukur, Inkollu, Markapur,Singaraya Konda etc. Ongole has more than 10 engineering colleges. Most of the engineering colleges in prakasam district are lagging behind interms of quality and standards of teaching and facilities.

Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College at Singaraya Konda and QIS college at Ongole are some of the better colleges comparing with others in the district. Though there are some colleges with presence of more than a decade, they have been failed in sprucing up the standards and attract best among the students. Nearby districts of Guntur and Nellore are faring better in this aspet also. Following are some of the name shake good / better / best / top engineering colleges in Prakasam district:

1. Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College, Singarayakonda (1999)
2. QIS College of Engineering and Technology, Ongoel (1998)
3. Rao and Naidu Engineering College, Ongole (1998)
4. Dr. Samuel George Institute of Engineering and Technology, Markapur (1997)
5. Prakasam Engineering College, Kandukur (2001)
6. St. Anns College of Engineering and Technology, Chirala (2001)
7. Chirala Engineering College, Chirala (2001)
8. VRS and YRN College of engineering and Technology, Chirala (2002)

Most of the colleges offer main stream branches such as ECE, CSE, IT, Mechanical and EEE. But there seems to be huge dearth of quality faculty, infrastructure and industry interaction with respect to many colleges of the district. The industrial backwardness of the district also dampening the growth of education in the district.

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