May 28, 2011

EAMCET 2011 Marks and Ranks- Weightage Procedure- 2010 Counseling Cut Offs

Following information will provide you a better understanding of Marks and Ranks in EAMCET with weightage for Intermediate Marks. EAMCET 2010 Marks and ranks after weightage are given below. Weightage for Intermediate marks in EAMCET was introduced in 2009. With this change in EAMCET rankings, Intermediate Group marks have become crucial in deciding EAMCET rankings. Intermediate Group Subjects marks only will be considered for 25 percent weightage. Remaining 75 percent Marks will be calculated from EAMCET Marks. Final Rankings of EAMCET will be announced after aggregating both Intermediate Group subjects and EAMCET marks. EAMCET 2010 Counseling Cut Offs for Engineering and Medical streams (College and Branch wise) will be provided on this blog very soon. Following are the details of weightage procedure and also 2010 EAMCET Ranks after weightage for Engineering and Medical streams:

For Intermediate Weightage:

If a candidate get 576 marks out of total 600 marks, his / ger weightage will be calculated like this....
576 / 600 X 25 = 24 Marks

For EAMCET Weightage:

Total marks of a candidate in EAMCET will be aggregated to 100 and 75 % weightage will be calculated from that marks. For example, if a candidate score 80 marks out of 160 in EAMCET, his marks in EAMCET will be...
80 / 160 X 75 = 37.5

Now both weightages will be added and final rank will be announced accordingly. This will be done like this...
Inter Weightage = 24 +
EAMCET weightage = 37.5
Total Marks = 61.5
Based on this marks, final ranks will be calculated.

Following are EAMCET 2010 Engineering Marks and Ranks after Weightage. Students will get better understanding of weightage procedure through this info:

EAMCET 2010 Medical Marks and Ranks after Inter Weightage:

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