December 16, 2013

10th Physics - English Medium - Important Statements

10th Physical Sciences - Important Statements:

1) Aufbau's principle: Aufbau's principle states that electron occupies the orbital having the least energy.

2) Pauli's exclusion principle: Pauli's exclusion principle states that no two electrons will have all the four quantum numbers same.

3) Hund's rule: Hund's rule states that electron pairing takes place only after all the available degenerate orbitals are occupied by one electron each.

4) Octet configuration: The filling up of valence orbital with 8 electrons is referred to
as 'octet configuration'.

5) Mendeleef's periodic law: Mendeleef's periodic law states that the properties of elements are the periodic functions of their atomic weights.

6) Modern periodic law: Modern periodic law states that 'The properties of elements are
periodic functions of their atomic numbers'.

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