January 5, 2014

10th Biology Important Questions - 1 and 2 Marks - Control and Coordination

Q: What is reflex arc? Mention the components of it?
A: The structural functional unit that carries out reflex action is called as reflex arc. It consists of a receptor, a sensory nerve, an association neuron, a motor nerve and an effector organ.

Q: What are Nissil granules? Where do you find them?
A: Nissil granules are group of ribosomes and are made up of RNA and proteins. They are
found in the cytoplasm of the cell body of Neuron.

Q: Where do you find the cerebro spinal fluid? What are its functions?
A: A fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid flows in between the outer and middle membranes. This fluid flows from brain to spinal cord and back to brain. It protects brain and spinal cord from injuries and provides nutrients to the cells in brain and spinal cord.

1 Mark Questions

Q: What is irritability?
A: All living organisms respond to changes in environment. This property is called as irritability.

Q: What is action potential?
A: Action potential is a small electrical potential generated at the junction of head and axon of neuron when it is stimulated. This is about 55 milli volts.

Q: Why vagus nerve is more important than others?
A: Vagus nerve controls the heart beat and pancreatic secretions. So it is considered as the most important nerve.

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