January 5, 2014

10th Class English 1 Mark Questions - Telugu Medium

Reading Comprehension:
I. Local Egyptians took this to mean that the spirit of the dead king had left his tomb,
cursing those who had opened it. (The Curse Of Tutenkhamen)
a. What does 'this' mean in the passage?
b. Who was the 'king' talked about?
c. What was the curse?

II. "I'm glad you made the mistake. But you are a very young person to be alone at Christmas time". (Christmas Meeting)
a. Who is speaking in the passage?
b. Who is referred to as 'you'?
c. What mistake has the person made?


a. A hawk flying overhead.
b. Tutenkhamen.
c. That something terrible would happen to those who touched the tomb.

a. The middle aged woman.
b. Francis Randel.
c. He entered the room without knocking on the door.

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